I was born in Mashhad, IRAN, in 1991. I used to play with Lego and Batman toys when I was about 6. After that, my best hobby has been PlayStation.


I have a bachelor's degree in IT at IAUM and took the design and advertising courses at Inverse School for three years, which was a turning point in my professional life.


I have worked in some advertising agencies and studios as Paper Art Advertising Agency, AAV Creative Group, RAVIALLI Studio, NOOR Advertising Agency, Fourmind Advertising Agency.
Also I have done about 80 design projects with clients directly as a freelancer.
I have worked with many international and local companies as JTI, HUAWEI, BEL GROUP, Rouzaneh Dairy, NISSAN, Roche, NOVO NORDISK, Tetrapak, Unilever, Nesquik, SPAR, Knuaf (Kplus), Panberes, Sunich, Persia Khodro, MAPNA Group, Pars Eshen, Golrang Industrial Group, Dorsa Leather, Mimas. The projects were about Campaign design, Event design, POSM, UI design and Graphic design.


I design with passion today, and advertising is a major part of my life. Besides my job, I spend my free time gaming (FIFA, GTA, NFS, Uncharted and Batman) and watching TV series.